Bed Bugs are considered house pests for a reason. They are not just annoying; they can harm you or anybody in your home. One thing that makes them annoying is the itching that will wake you up in your sleep. It was not proven yet to cause a severe and alarming medical condition, but it causes mental torture because of the enduring itch. There is no established research that they transmit diseases. However, it causes physical health issues and discomfort.

Bed bugs are among the many unwelcomed house critters we do not want to live with. You should always check under your mattress for safety because even house pets can be a part of their feast.

Can Bed Bug Bites Cause You to Get Sick?

YES! Some people are allergic to the toxins these creatures bring. Bites can have an infection that will trigger some severe conditions in some people. It may take months or even longer in some cases.

Bed Bugs Consequences:


1. Sleep deprivation

This is very obvious because the bites and the itchiness from the area bitten will disturb you from your sleep.


2. Emotional discomfort

If you lack sleep, there will be a tendency you will experience uneasiness, which can lead to anxiety.


3. Bed Bugs Infection

The bitten area may cause a mild to severe skin infection. Examples could be lymphangitis, ecthyma, and impetigo.


4. Allergic reactions

If you are lucky and not prone to allergy, you might develop little to no reactions. Those unlucky ones may experience a reaction called anaphylaxis, like a bee sting, and it needs serious medical care.

Children are more sensitive because they will not stop scratching the bite marks. The bacteria can be trapped under their nails and may result in cross-contamination into a secondary skin infection.

Bed bugs seem harmless, but don’t take them too lightly because they can set off energy loss, irritability, and lack of focus, especially at work due to the itchiness. It may lead to poor appetite too and can affect your lifestyle.

All in all, it is a significant adverse effect to be having a bed bug holiday issue in your home. We can never genuinely underestimate the dangers that bed bugs bring. Be mindful as they carry disease and travel to undetected homes via luggage, clothing, furniture, used beds, etc.

How To Prevent Bed Bugs?

Taking care of the problem right away is essential before things go sky-high. Protect your home by constantly checking under your mattress when changing your linens. Always ensure it is clean and sanitized under the mattress, bed, and couch cushions. These are bed bugs’ favorite hiding spots.

Certain agencies already offer cleaning and removal of bed bugs in your residence, like thermal bed bug treatment, freezing bed bugs treatment, and pesticide treatments. There are some home remedies that you can do to get rid of bed bugs by yourself, but you also have to bear in mind that they will still come back.

So, the best thing is to maintain cleanliness and constant monitoring to ensure the safety of everyone and keep your children protected from the horror that bed bugs will bring.

It sounds easy, right? But doing it all the time may be a problem because we might be caught up with chores, work, and other obligations. So it is better to have all these bed bugs taken care of. Let the professionals do their job and sit back and relax. It is better this way; you deserve some alone time, too. Don’t let the bed bugs bug you!

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